Saturday, August 8, 2015


As Buddy - my dog was sleeping i tried to capture him with the illustration and learn painting with photoshop and also learn lighting within illustration.

Sunday, January 12, 2014

faith or business??

Yesterday was Vaikunth Ekadashi. So, mom suggested its a good day and we should visit temple.. generally she dsnt ask me to, but since it was a holiday also, she did so and she also suggested to go to the temple beside our house. So I was happy to go to the temple as it was after a long time that i was going to go the temple, and as I reached the temple i suddenly found myself admist stalls where small items of krishna (decorative and to be worshipped both) with bookstalls and i already started feeling why is it so commercialised, especially when i asked for the cost price of the same. but as i entered the temple, i started feeling really bad and irritated as i saw people having the passes were allowed to go till the god while general public is supposed to see from a distance only... i dont understand.. this concept,.. i have seen seprate queues at many temples, but never seen where it is like that even inside the temples. 

I feel so sick about it.. and only thing i can do about this is not go to those temples anymore.. while people will keep encouraging them more by buying passes and they organisations will keep doing the same...  

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Hi Friendz...

I know am a lil late for the Christmas wish, but hey.. its better to be late than never. So a very very MERRY CHRISTMAS to all of u witha handmade...have a lots of plum cake.. and celebrate the whole night. :)

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Today i travelled to Mysore.... have been there many times.. but with camera.. today was the second time.. it juz reminded me.. last time also.. i clicked pictures as i went through the streets of the city.. even if its modernn.. this city has its own serenity n beauty... with less traffic and quite,..areas!!!.. so heres few pics...tht i clicked during lastime...

nice road from banglore to mysore road

The Art museum near city market

old building around the corner

The palace circle

The Maharaja Statue 

The clock tower in between the city market

My First Dog...friend...was buddy 1....he was a cocker spaniel... 4 yrs old.. who passed away last year... hw was the sweetest dog.. i had ever met.....but then.. we got another buddy.. as we named him.. after our previous dog... he is a lab..2 yrs old now....after whom.. i made lots of dog friends.. so here for u buddyy,,, its definitely.. happiness to come back to u.. <3

Saturday, December 7, 2013

The Muted Tunes,,,.. i.e. the printed cards!!!

As I have been designing the cards, emailer and printed versions... the printed cards i design are more formal for the family doesnt want the story and the quirky elemnt,,,,

So the first ones is the printed card for my wedding!!!...where the design language and elements wer same.. for the bride and groom's card...
Here's the bride's side....

N now the groom's side... for this one, ganesh, my collegue from Honey comb really helped me as i needed to get it done.. in Kannada also... honeycomb really is very efficient for such translations... so heres few glimpse of the same...

Now the card that i designed for Sanjay and Swati's wedding!!!!.... i was very happy to make this card.. but what really cheered me up,. n made me happy was excitement n happiness...the card brought to the couple and their family!!! so heres a glimpse of that...

the rest i will upload again.. very soon :).. till then.. keep dropping by!!! :)

As i was learning watercolour on Photoshop.. and digital illustration by myself... I realised the amazing topic that i would really love to create would be the love of my life.. so here's his portrait in digital illustration!!!